What is a Color Run™?

The Color Run™ is entirely a „Fun Run“ – a worldwide series of a very special kind of running event, filled with happiness and color. The Color Run™ isn’t about being the fastest or achieving exceptional performances. With us it’s all about the fun.

Together with lots of other runners you will experience a day you will remember for a long time. You will experience the most colorful, most entertaining and craziest 5 kilometers in the world. It’s running – simply without the time pressure but with a huge amount of fun.



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Race Map


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What happens at a Color Run™?

After your online registration and payment of your starter fee you can pick up your “Starter Kit” as soon as the Thursday before the event. The Starter Kit includes a white T-shirt which you are required to wear during the Color Run™, a headband as well as your starter number. We recommend that you pick up your Starter Kit (the location will be announced in advance on our web page) before the day of the event, to avoid unnecessary stress and long waiting lines on the day of the Color Run™. If necessary you can also pick up your Starter Kit on the morning of the event at the Youth Hostel Echternach. Please ALWAYS bring your ticket as well as some form of ID along with you, to pick up your Starter Kit.

Then, off we go to the festival area. The party starts already at 11.00 am. At 12.00 noon we will start the first group of runners – we only allow up to 300 COLOR RUNNERSTM on the track at the same time so that you have plenty of time to get as colorful as possible in the Color Zones. The next groups of 300 Color Runners™ will start in 10 minute intervals, until the last of you have started running entirely in white. The last departure is around 1.30 pm.

After each kilometer of the track you will find a „Color Zone“, where color powder will be thrown at you by our volunteers. The color powder is 100% natural and based on corn flower. In all you will cross through four Color Zones and should cross the finish line looking as colorful as possible.

We save the best for last: together with all Color Runners™, our DJs and even more color throwers, we will celebrate the highlight of the Color Run™ – the “Finisher Festival”!

Our Rules

Rule Nr.1– Young or old, fast or slow – everybody is welcome at the Color Run™.

Rule Nr.2– The white T-shirt is mandatory.

Rule Nr.3Your goal is to reach the finish zone looking as colorful as possible.

What’s the deal with the colored powder?

Each of the 5 kilometers will be coated in a different color. As soon as you cross into the Color Zone, colored powder will be thrown at you. Our volunteers will make sure that you can’t escape this colorful experience, and will be colored to the maximum by the time you cross the finish line.

Our color is a completely natural product and does not provide a health risk to you. You could even eat the powder if you really wanted to. However, we have tried it already and can’t really recommend it – dry corn flower seems to be an acquired taste.

The highlight of the Color Run™ is the Finisher Festival in the festival area. We have provided cool DJs, amazing music, and even more amazing color throws. Our countdown will constantly show the time until the next colorful experience – all Color Runners™ meet in front of the stage and on “3,2,1 – Go!” will throw the colored powder into the air. You can be assured: goose bump feeling is guaranteed!

What happens in the festival area?

The best happens last: after you have crossed the finish line the best part of the entire run is waiting for you – the Finisher Festival!

You can expect non-stop music from our DJs on stage, great food, cool drinks and even more colorful experiences – all of this is part of the most colorful Color Run™ after-party on the planet!

Stay tuned!

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You still got questions?

No Problem, we are here for you! Answers to frequently asked questions can be found in our FAQs.

In case you can’t find an answer to your question feel free to write us an email or a private message on Facebook. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible!